Anarcha-feminist day at the Cowley Club

Seeing Red will be having its first mini exhibition on Saturday 30th January ’10 at the Cowley Club (12 London Road, Brighton) as part of a day of anarcha-feminist workshops and events.

There may be cake.

Cowley Club

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  1. January 27, 2010 at 11:46 am

    Saturday 30th January: Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton

    A Day of Anarcha-Feminism

    A completely free day of super feminism for all ages and genders. All invited- whether you are new to Anarcha-Feminism or already involved in similar groups. The day will help launch a brand new Brighton-based Anarcha-Feminist group, so please come along and get involved.

    Free Day Event from 10.30am-6pm:
    There will be: workshops, discussions, skill-shares, food, zine distros, crèche, films…Topics include: What is Anarcha-Feminism, Privilege, Herstory of Squatting, Childrearing, Self-Defence, Men and Anarcha-Feminism, Machismo Sexism and Emotional Support, Latitude Safe Space, Radical Knitting, DIY Herbalism and Subvertising, plus Storytelling and Zine-making for Kids!

    Most workshops are wheelchair accessible; please let us know if you have any individual needs that we can assist you with.

    Evening Fundraising Gig from 7pm-2am:
    Fantastic feminist live music and comedy night, featuring: Aspel Orchid, Hullabeenies, Eastslope Blugrass Council, Beth Swain and stand-up comedy from Sharon Tyas.

    Entrance for evening is by donation, but please give generously. All funds go to Latitude Safe Space, a women’s overnight homeless shelter project. The need for genuine homelessness support for women in Brighton and Hove was first officially recognised in a paper written in the late 80s… does it really take 20 years to act on such a glaring need? Everyone is massively warmly invited to attend the workshop and get involved with the project. Contact: latitudesafespace@googlemail.com

    For more info on the event contact: brightonanarchafeminists@lists.aktivix.org

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