sanity unit

sanitize |ˈsaniˌtīz|

verb [ trans. ]

make clean and hygienic : new chemicals for sanitizing a pool.

(usu. be sanitized) derogatory alter (something regarded as less acceptable) so as to make it more palatable : lawyers sanitized documents that could have exposed the company to lawsuits.


sanitization |ˌsanətəˈzā sh ən| noun

sanitizer noun



1 the best way to sanitize a bottle sterilize, disinfect, clean, cleanse, purify, fumigate, decontaminate.

2 the diaries have not been sanitized make presentable, make acceptable, make palatable, clean up; expurgate, bowdlerize, censor.

Psykradicalism (Psycho-radicalism) – article is in swedish but can be subjected to google translate.


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