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We’re happy and proud to be featured in the Swedish magazine Re:public, June 2014. Our pictures are used to illustrate an article about international period activism. If you’re lucky enough to read Swedish, you can see the article here – Mensmakt.

One of the other featured artists that we really liked is Danish photographer Liv Carlé Mortensen. This is one of her photographs:

Liv Carlé Mortensen


erotic awards

Seeing Red project has been shortlisted for the Erotic Awards in London on the 26th May. We’ve been listed for the category “Club and Event” so want to extend a big thank you to Ingo Cando and Wotever for putting us on, and to Absolut Queer for documenting our live performances.

Live performance and reviews.


to the pulp

seeing red is performing at PULP Wotever tomorrow, Friday 21st October.  we’ll be at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern again, together with Rubyyy Jones, love and lust writer and performer.

we look forward to be back after having had such positive feedback on our premier performance. johanna’s womb is killer painful with cramp today – time to turn that into some positive energy on stage.




it’s like thirst, she explained to me.




blood that rubyyy jones loooves.

news post

we’ve been invited to perform again at club wotever at RVT in london on friday 21st oct. for those who missed our last performance, here’s your next chance – but rest assured, it won’t be a repeat, it’ll be different.

post script – check the comments for some blog trivia!



previously when Seeing Red has been published, we have always been asked to write our own texts to go with the pictures. therefore it is really exciting to have been reviewed by other people this time, to see what they got from our work and how our themes carried out to the viewer. to work visually is so much about leaving interpretation open to the viewer, so thank you to the people who have reviewed our performance.

Lysander Dove’s review on Wotever World.

Chandrika Narayanan-Mohan review on Also visit Chandrika’s website NomadChan.

Wotever World wrote on fb: “Anna and Johanna shared their unique way of being both behind the camera as well as in front of it when they used us all as objects… Hot and very very sexy!”

AbsolutQueer’s photo of the rapt RVT audience.

we would love more comments on our work generally, please feel free to e-mail us on or write a comment here on the blog.



seeing red put down some plastic on the stage at Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London, and did its first live performance. real blood, yes, real.

the images above are the visual result of the performance, taken by ourselves on stage.

documentary pictures by AbsolutQueer.

thank you wotever and ingo inviting us to do this performance!

johanna & anna




seeing red project is not only busy bleeding, but has also been featured in Una Buena Barba, a spanish-language queer magazine with a really professional finish.

furthermore, we’re performing and showing images at Wotever Sex in London on the 16th august. it would of course be wonderful if you wanted to come and see us and support the Wotever Sex initiative. more information on the “sex as work, working sex” themed night here.


Summertime lollipop

Once again, I return with more pictures. Originally I was going to post the b-side for this month, but liked the final picture so much I thought I’d put that one up instead. Hopefully the image will outshine any damage done to my carpet or my flatmates’ mental health.

Also, in recent news, seeing red had a mini exhibition at the Queer Mutiny Brighton weekender this weekend at The Cowley Club.


Femstruation Exhibition

So, Seeing Red went north. Not like north north but north enough to make it to Scotland for the Edinburgh AnarchaFeminist Kolektiv‘s event Femstruation Week.

We set up on the 14th, had a mini-opening that evening and remained in an excellently prominent doorway-ish space until the 20th. Reactions ranged generally from appreciation to disgust, with a few wonderfully complimentary “hey, you’ve really made me/my brother in the army think about this” comments to bolster the general feelings of accomplishment.

Here’s what it looked like (well most of it anyway)

Note the deliciously punk rock wall.

Thanks to all those who came by, and of course special thanks to the Kolektiv and our hosts at the Big Red Door.

Until next time…


FemMenstruation in Edinburgh

So, how better to prepare for the FemMestruation week starting in Edinburgh on Saturday, than to suffer period pains and bursts of creativity, which I will show here, maybe already tomorrow.

But now, check out the FemMestruation website


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