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Summertime lollipop

Once again, I return with more pictures. Originally I was going to post the b-side for this month, but liked the final picture so much I thought I’d put that one up instead. Hopefully the image will outshine any damage done to my carpet or my flatmates’ mental health.

Also, in recent news, seeing red had a mini exhibition at the Queer Mutiny Brighton weekender this weekend at The Cowley Club.


Femstruation Exhibition

So, Seeing Red went north. Not like north north but north enough to make it to Scotland for the Edinburgh AnarchaFeminist Kolektiv‘s event Femstruation Week.

We set up on the 14th, had a mini-opening that evening and remained in an excellently prominent doorway-ish space until the 20th. Reactions ranged generally from appreciation to disgust, with a few wonderfully complimentary “hey, you’ve really made me/my brother in the army think about this” comments to bolster the general feelings of accomplishment.

Here’s what it looked like (well most of it anyway)

Note the deliciously punk rock wall.

Thanks to all those who came by, and of course special thanks to the Kolektiv and our hosts at the Big Red Door.

Until next time…


Cowley Exhibition last weekend

Seeing Red had its premier exhibition last Saturday at the Cowley Club, Brighton. It was a really busy Anarcha-feminist day at Cowley and we got lots of good feedback on our pictures, thank you!

Also, new recruits for participating in the project which is exciting. A manifesto is brewing and will be presented shortly.

Next exhibition is in Edinburgh between the 13th and 20th February, as part of the FemMenstruation week at TePooka. More information of the FemMestruation week of workshops, performances and art here.


Anarcha-feminist day at the Cowley Club

Seeing Red will be having its first mini exhibition on Saturday 30th January ’10 at the Cowley Club (12 London Road, Brighton) as part of a day of anarcha-feminist workshops and events.

There may be cake.

Cowley Club


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