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ice queen

I initially posted this on the explicit page, before having a moment of clarity and realising that my nipples are not in any way explicit. It seems internet censors on Facebook, Livejournal and Youtube want to tell me they are, and I come to forget sometimes that they’re just nipples.

So here is this month’s, a picture for my icy winter heart. The end picture deviates a bit from my original plan (too damned slippy) but I’m otherwise fairly pleased.


Summertime lollipop

Once again, I return with more pictures. Originally I was going to post the b-side for this month, but liked the final picture so much I thought I’d put that one up instead. Hopefully the image will outshine any damage done to my carpet or my flatmates’ mental health.

Also, in recent news, seeing red had a mini exhibition at the Queer Mutiny Brighton weekender this weekend at The Cowley Club.


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