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we’ll take a cup of kindness yet

people really are provoked by menstruation and menstrual blood. we recently had over 400 hits from a finnish internetforum grossing out over our photographs. what is it that is so gross?

i listened to swedish radio talking about menstrual cups earlier today and it seemed a lot of people have never heard of this healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to tampons. again, people often react with distaste on the idea of using a cup that forces you to handle your own blood, and, argh, having to see it!

we wrote about marilynning before, here is another idea. consider it public service.


this very project started when me and anna discussed how beautiful the blood is when you pour it away from the cup and into the sink, and what a shame it is not to use it for anything. an old flatmate of mine watered her flowers with it, we take pictures. it wouldn’t have been possible for us to collect blood and appreciate its beauty had it not been for the mooncup, a silicone cup that collects your period blood inside your cunt. it works like a tampon but without the bleach, the constant creation of waste, the cost and sometimes infections, dryness and itchiness.


i say mooncup as that is what i’m used to it being called in the UK, but it comes with different names in different countries. in sweden it’s called a menskopp and in the states its usually referred to as the keeper.

when it comes to the 100% safe protection against stains and leakages, mooncup hasn’t worked for me, but neither have tampons or sanitary napkins (ugh, the words). i find it perfect after the initial days of heavy flow, and before it really starts, or if i’m modelling and am unsure of when my period will come. it’s perfect if i know i can’t safely change tampons often enough, as it doesn’t matter if you leave it in for longer. i’d like a bigger size for myself, but for most people i know who regularly use mooncups, the sizes available are absolutely enough. i’m a bit of a size queen.

what is your experience of using mooncups?


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